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Our Team

Our team is comprised of passionate individuals who are united by a common vision: to create a world where every girl's potential is fully realized.

With a diverse range of expertise and backgrounds, we come together to drive positive change and empower girls to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

From educators and social workers to advocates and mentors, each team member plays a crucial role in designing, implementing, and nurturing our programs. We bring our collective experience, skills, and unwavering dedication to ensure that girls have the support and resources they need to thrive.

What sets our team apart is not just our professional expertise, but our genuine commitment to the cause. We understand the transformative impact of empowerment, and we channel our energy and passion into every initiative we undertake. As advocates for gender equality and girls’ rights, we stand together to amplify voices, challenge norms, and create a brighter future for girls everywhere.

Our Team

“Our diverse and dedicated team at Girl Rescue Foundation is united by a shared passion for creating positive change. With a deep commitment to girls’ empowerment, we bring together expertise from various fields to design and implement impactful programs that shape a brighter future for the girls we serve.”

Nabukenya Sarah

Executive Director

Miriam Yunus

Programs Coordinator

Nyesigire Brenda

Finance Manager

Kintu Sharot

Research & Education

Nasifu Ssemambo

IT & Communications Ass

Mirembe Rashidah

Training Assistant

Ahebwa Catherine


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