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    Welcome to Girl Rescue Foundation, an organization dedicated to safeguarding the rights of girls and fostering their empowerment. Since our establishment, we've been on a steadfast journey to create a world where girls can thrive, lead, and shape their destinies.

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    Every girl deserves the chance to dream, learn, and lead. Experience the impact of our programs in shaping confident, capable, and empowered young leaders.

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    Join us in building a brighter future for Uganda's girls. Through education, advocacy, and community support, we're creating a world where girls' potential knows no limits.

About us

Welcome To Girl Rescue Foundation

Girl Rescue Foundation is a dynamic grassroots  NGO dedicated to uplifting the rights and potential of girls across Uganda. Through a comprehensive range of programs, including education, health, life skills development, and artistic expression, we empower girls to transcend adversity, become agents of change, and shape their own narratives. With a relentless commitment to rescuing girls from exploitation, advocating for their rights, and providing essential life tools, we are a beacon of hope and transformation, nurturing a generation of confident, capable, and empowered young leaders who are driving positive change in their communities and beyond.


Who We Are

Our Goal

To create a society where girls are empowered, educated, and capable of making informed choices that lead to positive change in their lives and communities.

Our Mission

To champion the rights of girls in Uganda by providing comprehensive programs that promote education, health, life skills, and self-esteem. We are committed to rescuing girls from exploitation, fostering their holistic development, and enabling them to become resilient leaders who contribute positively to society.

Our Values


What We do

"We empower girls through education, support, and opportunities for brighter futures."

At Girl Rescue Foundation, we are committed to creating lasting change by empowering girls with education, skills, and support. Our programs encompass various aspects of their lives, from health and education to personal development and empowerment. Through our efforts, we strive to uplift girls, nurture their potential, and inspire them to become confident and resilient leaders in their communities

Our Programs

Our work in Refugee Camps

"Empowering Health: Transforming Lives in Uganda's Underserved Communities"

Our work in refugee camps within Uganda is a vital aspect of our organization’s mission to empower girls in challenging circumstances. These camps often host displaced populations who have fled conflict, persecution, or natural disasters, creating a setting where basic needs such as healthcare and education are severely limited. In these challenging environments, our health program plays a crucial role in providing essential services and support to girls who are particularly vulnerable.

Within refugee camps, our initiatives are tailored to meet the unique needs of girls and adolescents. We prioritize mental health services, recognizing the trauma and stress that many refugee girls experience due to displacement and uncertainty. Through counseling, psychosocial support, and trauma-informed care, we strive to alleviate their psychological burdens and promote resilience.

Additionally, our efforts in menstrual health management are especially critical in refugee settings, where access to sanitary products and hygiene facilities may be scarce. We conduct distribution drives for menstrual products and educate girls on proper hygiene practices, ensuring they can manage their periods safely and with dignity.

Our sexual health education programs are also paramount in refugee camps, where girls may face increased risks of exploitation and early pregnancies. We provide comprehensive information on reproductive health, family planning, and access to contraceptives, empowering girls to make informed decisions about their bodies and futures.

Our Strategy

  • Community Engagement

    We believe in involving the communities we serve in the design, implementation, and evaluation of our programs.

  • Partnerships and Collaboration

    We work closely with local organizations, government agencies, and other partners to leverage their expertise, resources, and networks to maximize the impact of our assistance.

  • Evidence-based Approaches

    We use data and research to inform our programs and initiatives, ensuring that they are based on best practices and proven methods.

  • Long-term Sustainability

    We focus on creating sustainable solutions for the communities we serve, rather than short-term fixes. This includes programs that promote economic self-sufficiency, education, and community development.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

    We regularly monitor and evaluate our programs to measure their impact and identify areas for improvement. This helps us to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve the effectiveness of our assistance.

Our Highest Ambition
is to Help People without Discrimination Or Segregation

We understand that providing effective assistance to communities in need requires a comprehensive and holistic approach. Our strategies are carefully crafted to address the specific needs and challenges of the communities we serve, and to create lasting solutions for poverty, lack of education, health issues and other difficulties. We focus on engaging with communities, building partnerships and collaborations, using evidence-based approaches, promoting long-term sustainability, and monitoring and evaluating our programs to ensure that we are making a meaningful and lasting impact.

Our Impact

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Our Team

“Our diverse and dedicated team at Girl Rescue Foundation is united by a shared passion for creating positive change. With a deep commitment to girls’ empowerment, we bring together expertise from various fields to design and implement impactful programs that shape a brighter future for the girls we serve.”

Nabukenya Sarah

Executive Director

Miriam Yunus

Programs Coordinator

Nyesigire Brenda

Finance Manager

Kintu Sharot

Research & Education

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What Our People Say

Girl rescue foundation programs have been a game-changer for our community.

"Girl Rescue Foundation has been a lifeline for me. Their programs opened doors I never thought possible. Through their education and skills training, I gained the confidence to pursue my dreams. Today, I'm a confident young woman with a future full of promise."

Grace Nakato


"Girl Rescue Foundation is a vital force in our community. Their dedication to empowering girls through education and advocacy is changing mindsets and transforming lives. We've witnessed girls reclaiming their futures and becoming leaders who inspire others to follow suit."

Annet Sseruma Katende

Community Leader

"Working with Girl Rescue Foundation has been a true partnership for change. Their commitment to research-backed interventions and their collaborative spirit make them a force for transformation. Together, we've seen girls' lives transformed and communities empowered."

Sarah Kibuka

Dental Therapist

"Volunteering with EmpowerGirls Uganda has been a rewarding experience. Seeing the impact of their programs firsthand is truly inspiring. They provide a supportive environment that nurtures not only the girls but also those who are part of the mission to empower them."

Mr Mukasa John


"Grf has been my guiding light. Their education and life skills program equipped me with the tools to overcome challenges and set ambitious goals. Today, I'm pursuing my dreams with confidence, all thanks to the unwavering support of EmpowerGirls Uganda."

Hope Ejang


"I can't express how grateful I am for Girl Rescue Foundation. Their health and education programs have given my daughter the tools she needs to succeed. She's grown into a confident, informed young woman, and I credit that to the invaluable support she's received from this organization."

Alice Nalubega